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Mood thing
cool site which analyzes your mood by your clicks! Cool thing to try! (Part of Astronet)

Desktop Themes Unleashed
This site has a lot of cool desktop themes that you can download, and are updated daily!

Joe's Homepage
this is a nice site that has themes, various stuff, and links. just try it!

a cool place to check out. The Teen horoscope section tells all so accurately, it's scary.

Shadows of the Night
a site that hockey fans  will love. it also has some great pix of nature.

Uncle Jimbo's South Park Page
one of the best South Park pages. Has links to lots of other ones too.

Entertainment Asylum
a great site where you can look at past interviews of stars, producers, etc. Also has lots of info of famous people.

MTV Online
MTV online. . . Need I say more?!

the Sony Website
Sony has loads of info and links to pages they've created for movies, television, whatever.

Birthday Cards by Awsome Cyber Cards
send these cards via e-mail. Nice site, with lots of cards for different occasions.

FREE Webpages
this is a page that has info on where to go to get your own webpage, and how much space you can use.


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