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Posting Board Party '99

What is it?
It's a party for the people who post frequently on the Posting Board of the official Buffy site, who have made friends and want to meet each other to have fun.

When was it?
This was on Feburary 6, 1999

Where was it?
At the Sunset Landmark, in Hollywood.

Who showed up?
Somewhere between 250-300 people, the vast majority posters, but there were also the posters' guests,
Velvet Chain (performers and musical group who have played on Buffy several times), Four Star Mary (who have played on Buffy several times), Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy), Anthony Steward Head (plays Giles), David Boreanaz (plays Angel), Seth Green (plays Oz), Eliza Dushku. (plays Faith, the other slayer), Jeff Pruit (stunt-coordinater), Sophia Crawford (Jeff's wife and Buffy's stunt-double), a couple guys from Apollo (to help with the tech. stuff), and a whole bunch of people from the WB.