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Buffy Season Finale
'Graduation Day-Part II'

This episode won't be aired until sometime during the summer. The info as to why this is happening was taken directly off of the Official Buffy site, here.


Burbank, CA (May 24, 1999) -- The season finale of the highly
acclaimed one-hour series BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER titled
"Graduation Day, Part Two," which was scheduled to air tomorrow night,
Tuesday, May 25, 1999, will be delayed until later in the summer, it was
announced today by Jamie Kellner, CEO of The WB. In its place, The WB
will air an encore episode of the series titled "Band Candy."

The following statement was made by Jamie Kellner.

"It is out of sympathy and compassion for the families and
communities that have been devastated by the recent senseless acts of
violence perpetrated on high school campuses that we have decided to
delay this broadcast. Our decision is also borne out of a deep sense of
responsibility to The WB's loyal young audience.

"At issue for us was a short part of the climactic scene of this
powerful two-part season finale. During a solar eclipse that occurs during
his commencement speech at Sunnydale High's graduation ceremony, the
mayor morphs into a 60-foot serpent and attacks the students. In turn,
Buffy and her classmates are forced to defend themselves. Given the
current climate, depicting acts of violence at a high school graduation
ceremony, even fantasy acts against 60-foot serpents and vampires, we
believe, is inappropriate to broadcast around the actual dates of these
time-honored ceremonies.

"We apologize to the millions of loyal 'Buffy' viewers who are eagerly
anticipating this episode. We sincerely hope that you understand that the
last thing we want to do is pre-empt our season finale. However, at this
time, we feel that it is the best and most responsible decision for us to

"Like most of its loyal fans and the nations critics, we at The WB
consider BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER to be one of the highest
quality programs on television today. We plan on being able to broadcast
"Graduation Day, Parts One and Two" later in the summer. Next season,
Buffy and her cohorts, having graduated from high school, will be involved
in their greatest adventures ever."

Eternally Yours