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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Born:  April 14

Character info: Buffy Sommers, the 'one girl from every generation,' who is meant to fight the vampires and demons and save mankind, she is the Slayer.  Buffy moved to Sunnydale when she was a Sophomore (2 seasons ago) with her mom, Joyce (her parents are divorced). Buffy's re-occuring romance is with a a vampire with a soul, Angel, and her best friends are Willow and Xander.

some random info, taken from somwhere i don't remember:

BUFFY'S BUST: Some stars get silicone implants put into their breasts (think: Britney Spears) .... Some celebs get them taken out (think: Pamela Anderson) ... And some just wear them on top (think: Buffy). Sarah Michelle Gellar told Mademoiselle that while she was filming I Know What You Did Last Summer in North Carolina, she became so disgusted by the amount of fried food served that she barely ate. After several months down South, the vampire slayer lost a bunch of weight in her err -- upper region: "At the end of the shoot, I had lost an entire cup size. I had to match a scene from the beginning, and I had to wear these silicone squishy thingies, all pushed in and taped to fill me up." And you thought being a star was always glamorous.