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Seth Green


Character Info: Oz, Willow's Werewolf boyfriend who also plays guitar in a band.  He was a senior last year, but since he wasn't one of the best students, he is forced to take another year of highschool, but at least he and Willow are still together.

Other Credits Inlcude: -Dr. Evil's son, Scott, in Austin Powers 1 & 2
                           -Can't Hardly Wait
-Idle Hands
    - Enemy of the State

some interesting random info about Seth taken from the Seventeen webstie:

SETH'S SECOND BEST: Seth Green is no stranger to sharing the set with hunky men. You can't really expect to get much attention when babe magnet David Boreanaz -- Angel for those of you who live in Buffy world -- shows up to work at the same place you do (luckily, that burden will be lightened next season when David gets his own show). Seth also didn't stand a chance when he appeared in Will Smith's Enemy of the State last summer -- sorry, but the Fresh Prince is fine. But in his latest role as Scott Evil in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, the 25-year-old actor was at least in the running. Or so he thought. Okay, he had to get past Mike Myers (you can't help but fall in love with that funnyman cutie thing he's got going) but after that Seth was in the clear, right? Wrong. It seems the spiky-haired hottie was upstaged by 2'8"-tall actor Verne Troyer, a.k.a. Mini-Me. Despite being bald, covered in white makeup, and having no virutally no lines, Mini-Me made quite an impression on the cast and crew. "I couldn't believe how the women were into him," S.G. told EW Online. "Here's this little bald guy, and the women were like, 'Swoon!' It was making me mad. I was like, 'What's up? I'm over here, I've got hair, and I'm at least a little taller." Sorry, Seth ... better luck next time.