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This is the unofficial FAQ to the official Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Posting Board at

This is a good place to look before you start posting or if you get confused about what people are saying on the board.

The FAQ is separated into general board information and Buffy related questions. Many people have contributed to the FAQ, including but not limited to, Leather Jacket, scottj, Red Thunder, Imemerald, and ‘stina.

First, a poem from Fizzgig:

Welcome Newbies one and all
And lurkers who have come to call
Hi to all the elders too
Your turning into quite a crew
Just a little morning fun
Before I have to up and run
To those who don't quite know the rules
Try to use these handy tools
Spoiler warnings are a posting must
If you are attempting to discuss
Events that happened in this weeks ep
(Some people haven't seen it yet!)
Color posts are reserved, you see
For important people -- A VIP!
They're people connected with the show
Who post in color so we will know
When and if they come to chat
So don't use color --- that is that!
And posting in all caps is quite taboo
It's considered shouting and is downright rude
If you need help, we won't shame you
Just ask for guidance and we won't flame you
The board is here for everyone
So jump right in and have some fun!
I know this shout is longer than most
Better quit before dingoes eat my post
Better watch out for the ol' KirbyClause
He gives even the stoutest heart reason to pause.


General board information:

Help, someone just yelled at me about a SPOILER! I don't know what that is. Aren't we here to talk about the show?

A Spoiler is a warning we give when we are about to talk about the latest buffy episode or future episodes. This is done so that some people who haven't yet seen the episode (many people in Canada don't see it till Friday) do not accidentally read your post and spoil the episode for themselves. When posting a spoiler you should state it above (and sometimes below) the portion of your post that contains information about the episode. Try to state it so it is clearly seen ie. bolded and capitalized.


What are all the clubs and how do I join?

Buffy, Eh? is a club mainly for Canadian posters. This club was founded by Vlad the Impaler. If you are Canadian and wish to join post to Vlad and complete the following statement: Buffy should relocate to Canada because......extra credit for using the word eh? If you are not Canadian you may still become an honorary member by posting to Vlad and asking for an application question. For more information post to Vlad.


The BWGDC (Buffy Watching Guinness Drinker's Club) was formed by Queen ‘stina, the Grand Poobah Oompah and the Benign Despot Big Al on a drunken Monday night when we were reveling in the joys of the two above mentioned products. Since that night, several others have joined our ranks (Fairy Princess <b>KitCat</b>, <b>KAM</b>, the Duke of the Land of Guinness, <b> Roxanne</b>, Empress and Lady in Waiting to Queen 'stina, <b>Erestor</b>, <b>medium</b>, <b>Khayos</b>, <b>Glitergrrl</b>, <b>Beth</b> and some others from the chat room.) The three co-founders only wish that there be enjoyment of a nice frothy Guinness and a vast appreciation for the show that draws us all together. We expressly denounce any form of responsibility. All one has to do to be a member of the BWGDC is declare it, and pursue the two things that make us the most laid back group on the board. Toasting to the rest of the group is suggested but not required.


1) Please state actor/character to defend. This will put you in the relevant division.

2) Please state your reason(s) for admittance. I will not accept "I LOVE BUFFY", or something similar for any actor/character. Members should be able to make well thought out responses when their actor/character is in "trouble", and it will show in your reason(s) whether or not you can.

3) (Optional) Choose a code-name. It justs adds a little flavor to the whole thing.

Contact bfylvr9 FOS at In the Subject line put: DCDB application.












...and last but certainly not least...



Are the Buffyatrics the people who have posted here forever?

Buffyatrics is a combination of "Buffy" and "Geriatric". It is not for people "who have been here a while" it is for people who consider themselves "mature", yet love Buffy. See above question for more information on the Buffyatrics.


What is a dingo?

A dingo is (as in reference to the board) a creature that makes some of your posts disappear. This happens usually to longer posts. Usually it is only part of the post that is "eaten" but the dingos have been known to eat posts whole. The term dingo comes from the Buffy episode "Inca Mummy Girl". The band playing at the Bronze was called "the dingos eat my baby". The term was first used on the board by Muffy, the Vampire Annoyer. Dingos seem to have a taste for certain people posts more than others. You've been warned!!!


How can I tell if I'm still a newbie?

Usually, newbies are self identified. If you have to ask, you probably aren’t a newbie.


How can I tell what someone said last night / week?

The board (usually) archives posts from the past week. If you look at the top of the posting board, you will see the archive links, listed according to day of the week. After the posts have been up a week, they are no longer archived by this board. The archives are at of the week).html.


Looking for someone’s post can be a bit difficult if you are scrolling, but most search engines have a find feature that allows you to find a person’s name or other significant word.


Is there anyone from the show that actually reads all of this? Who are they and when do they come?

Members from the show do show up from time to time. There is no set time or forewarning to when they appear. The ones that usually post are Joss Whedon (creator), Alyson Hannigan (Willow), Lost Boy (a mysterious producer?), SCOUT (another mysterious member from the Buffy crew. Not one of the actors. She just joined the crew this season), JEFF PRUITT (stunt man and coordinator for the show). Other members have shown up in the past including David (Angel), and Tony (Giles), though these only have only shown up on very rare occasions. They do not have time to read all the posts, but scan for their names. Jeff seems to read more posts than others when he comes by. RD (???) and Nos4atu (Todd McIntosh - makeup) post occasionally.


Oooooh, look at the pretty colors. How do I do that and why are people looking at me strange for asking?

Posting in color is reserved for the members of the show. That is so that it is easier for us to see their posts. Do not attempt to figure out the color codes so you can post in color, you will be flamed! If you have figured out how to use color, please refrain from showing that particular skill off. There has been a color war in the past and it was not pretty. Do not try to use color to impersonate a cast member, we have ways to figure who impersonators are. When you type a member of the casts name such as Sarah or SMG, Alyson, Joss, David, Nick, Charisma, Lost Boy, etc. it will appear in color. Don't worry this is so when the cast shows up they can easily find questions addressed to them.



Should I be afraid of <b>kirbyclause</b>?

This is the internet. He can't actually hurt you. He can tick you off if you let him. (Leather Jacket)


Should I be afraid of <b>Kenya</b>?

Well... ;) (Leather Jacket)


Should I be afraid of <b>'stina</b>? I hear she hates newbies.

'stina is a wonderful, smart person who has for some reason gotten the rep of not being nice to newbies (I don't know how). Don't be afraid of her....but don't make her mad. hehehe :) (from scottj)

I can neither confirm nor deny that you should or should not be afraid of 'stina, who compiled this list.(Leather Jacket)


Why do elders/regulars get mad at newbies/newcomers?

Regular posting board members don't all hate "newbies" but often they ask the same questions again and again. Regular members tire of giving out the same answers everyday, they get irritated. Unfortunately, being polite doesn't seem to stop the questions, as there is an endless supply of new people on the World Wide Web. Some have found that snapping at people gets markedly better results at stopping repetitive questions.

This may seem rude, but remember that they are trying to carry on their own conversations. It is okay to participate, as long as you make an effort to ask informed questions. That is why there is a FAQ. This is intended to answer your questions and keep regulars from being annoyed.


What if the info I want isn't in the FAQ, but I think the board has already discussed it?

You could try to find someone who appears to be well-informed and e-mail them your question. Remember to be polite. They do not owe you a response since they are helping you. You will find that some regulars do not include their e-mail addresses with their posts. This is because they have already given their address to the people who they want to have it, and they aren't likely to be very receptive to your questions anyway.


I missed an episode from the first season. Is there anyway I can get a taped copy? Is there anyone out there that takes the time to listen over and over again and write out transcripts of each show?

There is a set of transcripts from season 1 written by AleXander on Anya's fanfic sight at There is a tape exchange page (don't know where). Posting at the bronze asking for a tape has unpredictable results, but it can't hurt. For those who missed episodes, there is a sight that has .avi clips from every episode. Not the entire episode, but it's pretty good, at least worth checking out. The addy is


Is this a chat room?

This is not a chat room! Though there is occasional chatting. Remember there is a 3 post per hour rule. If you want to chat you can go to the Buffy chat room which you can link to through the Bronze page, or directly to


Why are people yelling at me for posting in all caps?

Typical internet courtesy says posting in all caps is the equivalent of shouting. All caps can be used to emphasize individual words. So can the codes <b>bold</b>, <i>italic</i> and <u>underline</u>. Many posters tend to ignore messages which are posted like this. You may see from time to time a message posted in caps or a part of a message, this is if the poster is trying to shout something.


People aren't answering me!!! How do I get people to pay attention to me?

The last time anyone counted the posters at this sight, there were 263. It's hard to talk to all of us. You can be best heard by talking to specific people by listing a poster's name followed by a colon, dash or some such marker.


Is it ok for me to jump into someone else's conversation?

Please do. Most people welcome input.


People keep on talking about things like NKABOTHFD and SH. What does that mean?

Because some titles are long, they are abbreviated. NKABOTFD is "Never Kill A Boy On The First Date". SH is "School Hard". TP could be "Teacher's Pet" or "The Pack". Use this abbreviation at your own risk ;) T’sP may work for Teacher’s Pet instead.


How do I figure out what are the titles to the episodes?

There is an episode guide on the sight. From the bronze, follow the "episodes" link. This shows the titles thus far this season. There are links to detailed descriptions and to the page for previous seasons. "TBA" stands for To Be Announced and is not an actual title.


Pinky? Brain? Tick? Calvin? I don't remember ever seeing them in Buffy. Why do people keep on talking about them? Where can I see the crossovers and who writes them?

The poster known as "kirbyclause" posts a crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Pinky & the Brain, this appears every weekday. "Blade - the Vampire Hunter" posts Buffy/The Tick, which also appears daily. "Niall" posts Buffy/ Red Dwarf about twice a week. "NTMT" posts Buffy/Calvin & Hobbes, sporatically. And "AKA BECKER" posts Buffy/The Holy Grail bi-weekly. These can all be found in Starbucks. Follow the link.



Where can I see other fan fiction?

Look for fan fiction at


Buffy stuff

What are the general characteristics of vampires?

Vampires look like normal humans until the feed is on them. Then their foreheads change, their eyes turn yellow and their teeth become pointy with extended incisors. (see "Welcome to the Hellmouth".) They are demons who possess a person's body after death. In "The Harvest", Giles says, "You are not looking at your friend, but the thing that killed him." Vampires also seem to achieve their "Game Face" when they are emotionally stirred (Angel in "Angel") or among friends (all vampires around the Master in the first season, except for the Anointed One, Angel in "School Hard")


How are vampires made?

"No, he was just dead. To make a vampire, first they suck your blood, then you suck their blood. It's this whole big sucking thing" - Buffy, Welcome to the Hellmouth.


Is the Anointed one really dead?

Yes. He was killed by Spike in "School Hard". Joss has stated that the Anointed One (abbreviated "A1" on the board) will not be making a return to Sunnydale.


What are the ways that vampires can be killed?

"The usual: Stake through the heart, fire, sunlight, decapitation." - Buffy, "The Harvest". Holy water and crosses have hurt vampires as well, but it is unknown if prolonged exposure would kill them.


Where does Angel get his blood supply?

Angel still consumes blood and keeps it in a refrigerator in his home, see "Angel". It has been hypothesized that he steals the blood from the hospital, but it is not yet proven, see "The Dark Age.’ It is possible to buy blood, and he may be buying blood. He claims that he hasn’t fed from a human being "in a long time", see "Invisible Girl" AKA "Out of Mind, Out of Sight".


How long between the "big sucking thing" until a vampire is actually made?

This is uncertain. There is a period of time that the victim appears to be dead, but is not. See the vampire Pork & Beans in "Never Kiss a Boy on the First Date", who was in the mortuary, the vampire Stefan in "Some Assembly Required," who was buried before he "rose" from the dead, and the vampire "Ford" from "Lie to Me", who was also buried before he rose. However, in "Welcome to the Hellmouth" / "The Harvest" Jesse is made into a vampire in a short amount of time and was never seen as "dead." Buffy can tell the difference between a dead person and one who will become a vamp somehow (She knew Ford would, but she knew a person from Welcome to the Hellmouth was just dead.).


Is the Hellmouth still active now that it has been closed?

In "When She Was Bad", Giles says, "It's closed but not gone. The mystical energy that eminates from it is still concentrated in this area.". Xander replies with "And that's why Sunnydale is still the un-dead's favorite party-town."


The Master bit Buffy. Shouldn’t she be a vampire?

No, the "big sucking thing" never happened. He just bit her, and she died. She did claim that she felt "different, stronger", how whether those effects are permanent has yet to be determined.


I know, Angel can make Buffy into a Vampire and they can live together forever.

Angel is a "special" vampire, he has been cursed with a soul. Buffy, should she become a vampire, would be a run of the mill vampire with no soul. This could present some problems in a relationship where one party has the capacity to feel guilt, and the other has no idea what it is.


Does Buffy love Angel or Xander?

In "Some Assembly Required", Buffy tells Angel "I don't love Xander." in "Lie To Me", she tells Angel, "I love you. I'm just not sure I can trust you."


Who is this Oz everyone keeps talking about?

Oz is a bass guitarist for the fictional band "Dingoes Ate My Baby." He saw Willow in an Eskimo suit and has developed an infatuation with her. His character is played by the actor Seth Green. He was introduced in "Inca Mummy Girl" and was seen in "Halloween."


I have an idea! Why doesn't Giles try to figure out a way to make Angel back into a normal person again?

One theory is that if Angel were not a vampire, he would turn into a 241 year old man - and die. The prevailing theory is that the demon is what keeps him alive. A spell to exorcise the demon may also be difficult to execute. The demon has also proven useful in fighting off other demons, see "The Dark Age".


What's the deal with Drusilla?

In "Lie To Me", Angel confesses to Buffy that he drove Drucilla insane. Also, it was thought that she was killed by a mob in Prague. She was somehow weakened by this mob, see School Hard.


Where are all the police in Sunnydale and why don't they seem to care the murder rate is so high?

Apparently, the police are selective about the crimes that they investigate. They have been seen or alluded to in "Some Assembly Required," "School Hard," "Reptile Boy," and "The Dark Age." There is evidence that they have some idea of "the truth," (see "School Hard" but the extent of their knowledge is unknown.

and this concludes the Unofficial Posting Board FAQ.

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