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David Boreanaz


new.gif (26402 bytes)Pix & .AVI file from him hosting Macy's Spectacular on July
            Fourth, 1998


age: 27
May 16,1970
sign: Capricorn
native of: Philadelphia
Malvern Prep and graduated from Ithaca College.
current project: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

When Boreanaz first decided that he wanted to purse and acting career, his father, Philadelphia weather forecaster, Dave Roberts, hopped into the car, and they took a road trip over to Los Angeles.

Before Boreanaz was discovered, he took up jobs like parking cars at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, handing out towels at a gym, painting houses, and doing commercials from time to time.

Breaking into show biz isn't easy, but thanx to his Labrador, Bertha Blue, David was discovered. "She basically led me to the right direction and I was spotted by the guy in the truck that takes the dogs away, and they both took Bertha and I away, and before you know it, we were discovered by people in the pound," Boreanaz says, in an Microsoft Network chat interview.

David's first gig, was as Kelly Bundy's biker-boyfriend, on an episode of Married...With Children. " Other credits include the movie Men Don't Lie, Best of the Best II, Aspen Extreme, and his biggest role, 'Angel, on the televisions series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "It's definitely the biggest thing I've done so far," he says.

His sister Beth is a production coordinator for the Rosie O'Donnell Show and his sister Bo is a costume designer whose work can be seen in Escape from L.A. and Barton Fink, among others.

The agency resume lists some of Boreanaz's special skills as dialects (NY, London, German, Italian), basketball, baseball, football, bungee jumping, tennis, skiing, and playing the harmonica.

David has also made TV Guide and Entertainment Tonight's list as one of the 20 Sexiest Men on Television! ET showed a (very!) short segment of David Boxing, and also a 2-second interview.
Here are pics of David from ET.

The issue of TV Guide that came out on November 17, 1997, features all 20 of the Sexiest Men on Television--which means David will be in it, so go pick it up today!

David was also featured in a new Magazine called TWIST, as one of the top 20. On Monday, January 12th, David appeared on the Regis & Kathy Lee show (which I got to watch, 'cause I was sick! Yeah! Saddly, I didn't have a chance to record it, so I won't have any pix of him from it.)

On January 21, 10:00pm, David was on the Entertainment Asylum chat. Goto:

March issue of YM Magazine: David, Mekhi Phifer, and Devon Sawa were on the cover! Plus, YM did a full page pic of each of them!

At the First Annual Posting Board Party on Valentine's Day, I was lucky enuff to meet David!! I introduced myself to him, shook hands, got my picture taken with him, and got my invite signed by him!! (I was sooo happy! I was, like shaking!) I'm not going to post the pic I took with him on my site though, because...well...I don't want people to see what I look like! But, I was there. Best Valentine's Day EVER!!!

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